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The Daily Disruptor
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S2E1 - Who Does The Market Think Will Win The Election?

And Finding Stocks That Are Safe Either Way

Who does the market think is going to win the election?

Finding trends that are inevitable - How to take advantage of this volatility using key technology stocks. Amazon Shopify MSFT Small Cap Stocks - long term will do very well - ASML & MRAM Asymetrical Trading and what happens to lead to a potential sell off.

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S1E19 - Special Insight! More About the Crypto Markets R:06/10/2020 A:06/19/2020


Subtle differences of exchange markets between asset classes.


Blockchain, #Bitcoin, #Cardano, #BTC, #Cryptocurrency

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S1E18 - Bad VS Good Cryptocurrencies, Privacy coins and more! R:06/05/2020 A:06/09/2020

OX ( ZRX ) and Komodo ( KMD )

ZK-Snarks, ZK-Starks, Zero Knowledge Proofs, and Zero-Knowledge Interactive Protocols OX ( ZRX ) and Komodo ( KMD ) as these are privacy coins without compromising security and scalability ( these two coins address that )

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S1E17 - Crypto Grading - How To Be Wise With Cryptocurrencies - R:05/26/2020 A:05/28/2020

Plus we revisit previous ETF’s, the Fed and adopting a trading mindset.

NVDA Juniors and seniors silver etf - gdx 5g tech blockchain Biotech - IBB Be a trader The Fed ADA Crypto regulation Crypto grading BTC Fiat inflation Which bitcoin is the best?

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S1E16 - Silver VS Gold - Round 2! R-5/20 A-5/22

Junior and Senior miners, which precious metal will win?

(R = Recorded, A= Aired) Junior Silver Miners/Junior Gold Miners ( SILJ /GDXJ ) Which precious metal will win? Gold vs Silver, ETF’s SWKS ( SKYWORKS SOLUTIONS ) and NVDA (NVIDIA) and RESN ( Resonant ) WPM (Wheaton Precious Metals) - Mentioned before on Episode 5, April 7th. DRD Silver market support levels

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